5 Ideas for Adventure Travel in Southeast Asia

Going on a trip to South East Asia doesn’t mean that you can just enjoy on the beach, eat cheap food, and drink cheap beer. But, there are plenty of options and the opportunity to enjoy and get your heart pumping in the tropical region. 
You can look for the different opportunity because of the exotic nature and proximity to the equator, you will find most of the Southeast region with intense jungles and landscape which you can explore. The gigantic hills, big volcanoes, jagged limestone cliffs, a profusion of underwater life and some remarkable views that let you dream for them.
When you are planning to travel Southeast Asia, then don’t just look at it as a beach destination but you can have some great adventure. Pack up your hiking boots, plan out the most exciting adventure and get off the dense path to perceive the authentic side of this beautiful world.
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Get ready to explore the best adventure of your life in Asia, from scuba diving with sharks in the ocean to pedestal jumping in Kuala Lumpur, there's a wide variety of travel ideas and fun in Southeast Asia to make your adrenaline pumping.
In this article, we have rounded up 5 best ideas you can plan in Asia that will make your adrenaline pumping!

1.        Kayaking

What can be lovelier than to explore Southeast Asia's oceans, lakes, and waterways with just a kayak and a paddle? Being Southeast Asia is one of the loveliest places with so many options to see and explore. You can look for the breathtaking waterways, and see them all while paddling across the river and lakes. You can choose several places in Asia to enjoy doing Kayaking.
Here are a few of the place where you can enjoy Kayaking!
        Thailand - Phang Nga Bay
        Vietnam - Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba
        Cambodia - Tonle Sap Lake
        Myanmar - Inle Lake
        Laos - Nam Khan River

2.        River Rafting

Another great adrenaline pumping activity to try in Southeast Asia is River Rafting. It is quite chosen by people who want to try adventure as well as want to experience the best fun.
So, prepare the best time and visit some of the beautiful places that offer a great time for all travel enthusiasts to try river rafting in one of Southeast Asia's rushing rivers. From exotic Indonesia to Malaysia and Thailand, you will surely have the best adventure time.
Here are few of the places where you can enjoy River Rafting!
        Bali, Indonesia - Ayung River
        Suwalesi, Indonesia - Ranoyapo and Nimanga Rivers
        Malaysian Borneo - Padas River
        Northern Thailand - Pai River

3.        Rock Climbing and Underwater Soloing

Have you ever tried indoor rock climbing? If yes, then now is the time that you should try climbing on a real mountain now. There are some of the amazing places options in Asia where you just not enjoy the rock climbing but you can also try deep water soloing. Though Thailand's Ton Sai and Railay beach might be one of the best experiences to climb the mountain there are still plenty of places options you can try climbing on your next trip!
Here are a few places where you will have the best time doing rock climbing!
        Vietnam -Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba
        Thailand - Railay and Ton Sai Beach
        Thailand - Chiang Mai
        Laos - Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang

4.        Sandboarding

You might have heard snowboarding where people slide over a board on snow. But have you heard about sandboarding? If not, then plan a good time enjoying strap on a board and mince the sand dunes instead of taking a huge slide over the slope!
Here are some of the best places options where you can find the best sandboarding.
        Vietnam: Mui Ne
        Philippines - Ilocos Norte

5.        Base and Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is definitely for the one who doesn’t fear to jump from the height. You can go at some height and fall from the top. This would be a definite great experience to try.
Here we’ve assembled a list of safe and reputable places to try base and bungee jumping!
        Thailand – Pattaya
        Singapore - GMAX Reverse Bungee
        Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur
After reading all the above adrenaline pumping activities in Southeast Asia, we can clearly say that Southeast Asia is full of adventure sports to fit your needs!


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