Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Europe

Europe, being the second smallest continent of the world, is a home to incredible travel countries full of vibrant cities. It is home to some of the most captivating and prominent structures and monuments listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. The continent is also a home to one of the eight wonders of the world – The Colosseum in Italy.
Distinctively divided into three major regions namely- Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and Western Europe, each one is equally enchanting and captivating. From France and England to Germany and Italy, each countries is known for its vibrant cities bestowed with restaurants, architecture, museums and nightlife, thus, planning an amazing vacation to any of the country and its cities is hard to decides. In this blog post, I have come with a comprehensive travel guide to Europe that will help you plan your trip wisely. You can even opt for various Europe holiday packages from the leading travel agencies like BreakFree Holidays and enjoy amazing discounts using its various BreakFree Holidays discount codes.

Let’s check out some of the remarkable and astonishing places that you shouldn’t miss visiting while you are on your Europe travel holiday-

1 #Paris – Scale The Iconic Eiffel Tower!

Although, Paris is full of astonishing monuments, churches and museums, one of its major highlight, most-visited and admiring sight is Eiffel Tower, a quintessential Paris experience. Your holiday in Europe is incomplete without visiting this iconic landmark; try to scale the high-rise tower after sundown because the view during the nighttime is truly remarkable.

2 #Rome – A Walking Tour Of The Colosseum!

Rome is a place you simply can’t afford to miss visiting in your vacation to Europe. From the aroma of Italian food’s cooking wafts through the streets or alleys to stunning historical sites to iconic structure of the Colosseum, Rome has it all. Admiring the massive complex of the Colosseum is the favorite excursion amongst the travelers.

3 #London – Enjoy The Best-Loved Sights!

 Explore the word-class Museum of the British era, tour the tower, spend a musical evening admiring the theater and art in the West End and gorge on chips and fish at the local pub, London offers a wonderful bucket list experience. Explore the massive home of Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace, admire age-old historic art at the National Gallery and get stunned by the architectural marvels of the Tower Bridge.

4 #Belgium – Savor Your Taste Buds With Belgian Waffle!

While on your tour to Europe, don’t forget to visit Belgium, a country often referred to as the waffle country across the world. Tasting Belgian Waffle over here is a must. You will find this warming delight nearly on every corner of the street in cities like Antwerp, Bruges and Brussels. Waffles dipped with chocolate or strawberry syrup and whipped cream is the traditional way of enjoying this delight.

5 #Sweden – Visit Stockholm Palace!

A visit to a Scandinavian nation blessed with thousands of inland lakes and coastal islands, Sweden is worth-memorable. If you are on a Europe tour, you must visit Sweden, which is a small but incredibly beautiful country with picturesque islands, rugged western coast and frozen land in the north. The Stockholm Palace is famous amongst the travelers. Stockholm Palace, the official residency of the King of Sweden comprises of 600 plus rooms including museums, royal chapels and armory showcasing ancient armor, coronation coaches and royal costumes.
So, these are a few best places you must visit while you are on your Europe travel. You can book various European holiday packages at unmatched prices by using Holiday Extras discount codes


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